Simple Dynamic Pricing for Mobile Games and Apps

There are many tactics mobile games and apps can borrow from retailers and e-commerce stores when it comes to selling In-App Purchases. Dynamic Pricing is one of the most powerful of them. We’re going to look at the low-hanging fruit with dynamic pricing that almost every app and game can take advantage of, quickly and effectively.

Do Not Make Your App Premium. Ever.

Making your apps Paid-Up-Front is a losing strategy for many reasons. But even if you want to charge for most of your app’s functionality and content, it is better to make it a single in-app purchase. Read on to find out the Why’s and the How’s.

Premium vs Freemium vs Subscription

Premium, Freemium and Subscription models are the 3 dominant pricing models in the App Store today. Freemium apps can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a day and subscription businesses are highly valued because of guaranteed repeat business. What factors should you consider while deciding which way to go? […]

Creating An In-App Monetization Plan

76% of all mobile app revenue was via in-app purchases earlier this year, up from 50% last year. But just having in-app purchases in your app is not enough to start generating revenue. Some planning and operational maneuvering is necessary to get the money flowing. […]