Newsletter in review: Data on Mobile Games

This past year, here are the important data points we published on Mobile Games in our newsletter:

1. Different games genre have varying levels of appeal across countries. An interesting report from Flurry that dives into gaming habits and preferences in different countries: Gaming: The Lingua Franca of Mobile.

Distribution of Android Sessions by Game Category


2. Used to be that games were an overwhelming share of apps in the App Store. Not any more. Their share has declined over time, not because there are fewer games being published, but because here are a lot more other apps being published. More stats: App Store Stats Bonanza

Share of Mobile Games in App Store over time


3. Growth of the gaming industry on mobile is beating all expectations, across both iOS and Android. Data from AppAnnie: Portable Gaming Report Q2 2014

Global Mobile & Portable Game Consumer Spending


4. Gaming in China is bigger and more important than ever.

China’s mobile game market to grow a scorching 93% to $2.9B in 2014.

China's mobile game market size (revenue)

And here’s a detailed look: China’s mobile gaming market: A quantitative deep dive.

Communities around games in china have grown, more mid-core gamers


5. Real-money gambling is growing. And here’s a look at who are the big players, and their share. Social Casino Gaming Report Part 1: The Biggest Publishers Globally

Top Social Casino Publishers' Total Global Revenue Split Between App Stores