Newsletter in review: Data on the Mobile Ecosystem

This past year, here are the important data points we published on Mobile Commerce in our newsletter:

Mobile Ecosystems


 1. Dynamics of the Mobile Ecosystem is playing out very differently from any we have thus seen. Normal winner-take-all dynamics don’t seem to apply, and the largest market share does not necessarily capture most value. Benedict Evans has some great insight: How many ecosystems?

Market shares of Android vs iOS across different segments


2. iOS8’s adoption has been much slower than previous versions. Does it mean iOS will suffer from Android-like fragmentation too? Mixpanel’s report.

ios8 adoption curve

3. In 8 months, Android’s KitKat had a 21% adoption on Android. Faster than the previous version, but still much, much slower than iOS. Of course, now it’s almost time for Lollipop. Still, this stat is important because of the fragmentation problem for Android app developers. Google Updates Platform Distribution Stats – KitKat Still Growing, Jelly Bean Still Shrinking, Gingerbread Gets Surprise 0.1% Bump

Android Kitkat adoption


4. There are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions right now, of which 2+ billion are mobile broadband. An interesting peak into the numbers below the mobile application layer: Ericsson Mobility Report June 2014

Mobile and mobile broadband subscriptions - ericsson


 5. Mobile still has huge potential upside left. The mobile story is hardly old, and the best is yet to come. From Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends for 2014.

Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2014: Mobile has lots of upside



Smartphones & Tablets


6. Phablets have almost quadrupled their share of app activity in 12 months. From Flurry: The Tides Turn for the Phablet’s Popularity

App Sessions by Device Type (phones, phablets, tablets)


7. Consumers are shifting from small smartphone screens and tablets to Phablets and this is good for developers. If the phablet can capture the ubiquity of the phone and the monetization of the tablet, it will benefit app developers. The rise of the phablet

Global Annual Shipments by Device (phablets, smartphones, tablets)


8. Inspite of sluggish sales for tablets, there are some interesting usage patterns emerging. Diving deeper into data, it turns out more users are using them as a replace for the PC. Perhaps there is significant untapped opportunity ahead of tablets. The Tablet: An Identity Crisis and an Amazing Opportunity

productivity and utility app usage on tablets by time of day



Mobile Web vs Apps


9. Time spent consuming digital content in apps has grown 52% vs 17% on the web, y-o-y. Benedict Evans makes a tongue-in-cheek comment: Everyone hates apps except the actual usersgrowth of digital time spent, driven by apps


10. Mobile Web still wins when it comes to reach. Users use 26.8 apps per *month* on average, but visit 24 mobile websites per *day*.

Average number of apps used per month


11. Earlier this year apps started accounting for more than half of all time spent on digital media. 60% of time spent consuming digital media was on mobile. 51% was inside mobile apps. Comscore: Apps Now Account For Half Of All Digital Media Time

Share of Digital Media Time spent by platform (desktop, mobile, app)


12. Apps may have more than half the time, but Mobile Web is still larger for certain categories. When Mobile Web Dominates Apps in an App-Dominated World

Time spent in Apps vs Browser on top 15 digital media properties