Newsletter in review: Data on Mobile Commerce

This past year, here are the important data points we published on Mobile Commerce in our newsletter:

1. Mobile Commerce has finally arrived. The Biggest Trends Shaping The E-Commerce Industry Ahead Of The Holidays.

Monthly US Visitors Across Retail Websites, Desktop vs Mobile


2. Growth of Mobile Commerce is pretty big too. Q2 M-Commerce Explodes to 47% Y/Y Gain: What it Means for the Growth of Mobile.

Retail Spending Growth by channel, e-commerce vs m-commerce


3. The UK has a similar story. UK consumers buy more on mobile than any other device.

Desktop vs Mobile user base to retailers in UK


4. The size of revenue driven through mobile is even larger if you take into account travel and other services. State of Mobile Commerce 2014

M-commerce $ growth, including travel + services


5. Mobile travel and the resulting mobile bookings is the biggest source of activity and growth happening in the global travel industry. 25 Mobile Travel Data Points To Start Your Week.

US Digital Travel Sales, by channel, 2012-2018, desktop vs mobile