The Last 11 Apps Of The Week

Continuing our compilation of “app of the week” from our newsletters, here are the last 11 apps of the week that have been featured:

1. Muzei (Android only, unfortunately). iOS doesn’t allow apps to change the wallpaper on the device. Muzei brings you a smattering of popular artworks as a wallpaper in a very clever fashion such that the background is not drowning out your apps. You get a new piece of art every day. And their code is open source. Check it out!

2. Cookbooth (iOS | Android). Described as Instagram for recipes: create recipes by simply taking photos while you cook, and follow your friends and celebrity chefs to discover great easy-to-follow recipes.

3. Hyperlapse (iOS only for now). Microsoft recently published a research paper about converting a jerky and long video into a shorter, smoother timelapse automatically. A week later, Instagram has an app doing this for videos shot from the phone. Though Instagram’s method is much simpler, it certainly makes for excellent videos!

4. Travel AI (iOS | Android). Their pitch: “TravelAI lets apps react to you and your situation by automatically detecting how you are moving. So whether you’re watching TV on the sofa at home, or driving to work, your phone can give you what you need at exactly the right time.” We think context-aware apps are becoming a big trend — intelligent apps that will give us the right information at the right time and tell us what to do.

5. imoji (iOS only for now). It lets you create emojis from your selfies or from photos of your favorite animals, celebrities, what-have-you. This is not just fun – we think emoji is re-defining how we communicate with each other, and this app is going to certainly break some barriers in visual communication and make it more personal.

6. iOS 8 keyboards. We have covered a couple of intelligent keyboards for Android before, always ruing the fact that they could not be available on iOS. Until now. Check out that great list of keyboards available for iOS8 — especially SwiftKey and Fleksy.

7. Manual. iOS only, but check it out nevertheless — this is the app everyone is taking about this week. Your iPhone has one of the best cameras out there, but it still functions like an automatic: poorly. Manual gives you full control over the camera and lets you shoot DSLR quality photos from your iPhone.

8. Talko (iOS only at the moment). More and more new apps starting with with the US markets are going iOS first. The latest from Ray Ozzie (the creator of Lotus Notes), this app is giving a different angle to using our phones for voice communications. Some say Talko will do to voice what Whatsapp did to text messages.

9. Snowball (Play Store). Snowball aggregates messages from various messaging apps — Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, SMS, etc. — into one place. Android only, because it builds on functionality that iOS doesn’t provide. Very interesting to see how most new apps are diverging into iOS only or Android only.

10. Primer (iOS; Android coming soon). A very useful app that will help you learn marketing quickly, through a series of case studies and quizzes. A must-have skill for everyone in today’s world. Most surprising of all: this app is made by Google!

11. Nuzzel (iOS + on the web). The best way to keep up with everything your friends are posting on Facebook and Twitter, and find the signal in the noise. There is even a way to find news “you may have missed”.

Have fun playing with these apps!