Weekly Round Up: 10/18/2014: Trends in Mobile Gaming and Mobile Commerce; new things with Google; App economy in developing countries

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1. App Of The Week: Primer (iOS; Android coming soon). A very useful app that will help you learn marketing quickly, through a series of case studies and quizzes. A must-have skill for everyone in today’s world. Most surprising of all: this app is made by Google!

2. 5 Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2015. Mobile gaming is one of the prime movers in mobile, and this is an insightful look at what’s coming up in the space, including some interesting trends around monetization.

3. Trends In Mobile Gaming In Asia. When we’re talking about mobile gaming, Asia is the most important market. This will complete the picture for you on the topic started above.

4. The Biggest Trends Shaping The E-Commerce Industry Ahead Of The Holidays. Mobile Commerce has been the most anticipated “next big thing” for a while. But now it is here in a big way, growing at 48% y-o-y, and as always with any new trend, the unexpected players are leading.


5. UK consumers buy more on mobile than any other device. This report from Nielsen complements the report above by focussing on another large market in the world — the UK. And the trends seem to match — mobile commerce is where the action is moving to.

6. Google’s New Vision For Launcher Icons – Paper, Lighting, And How To Get Your Icon Ready. If you are gearing up your app forAndroid Lollipop, and its new Material Design, here’s a great primer on how to create an icon that fits in.

7. App trials, data plans, and Google Play revenues. Google Play is getting more and more transparent about mobile app costs. First, they stopped using the word “free” for freemium apps; then, they increased the refund window and also started showing IAP prices in the Play Store. Now, they are working on a way to let users “try” an app before buying. Extremely important trend for the ecosystem.

8. Holding back the app economy. Much has been said about the app economy in the western countries, but not enough understanding of it in the developing world. Here are results from a survey on what is holding back the app economy in countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, etc.

9. How many ecosystems? Benedict Evans of A16Z on how the mobile ecosystem is vastly different than anything we have seen so far, and how winner-take-all dynamics are playing out very differently. For example, iPhones and iPads get a disproportionately large share of value, engagement and usage.