Weekly Round Up: 10/12/2014: Mobile Ads, Identity, Deep Links, Cyanogen, IoT, much good stuff!

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1. App Of The Week: Snowball (Play Store). Snowball aggregates messages from various messaging apps — Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, SMS, etc. — into one place. Android only, because it builds on functionality that iOS doesn’t provide. Very interesting to see how most new apps are diverging into iOS only or Android only.

2. Mobile has made Identity the most important battlefield today. Excellent analysis on how identity is even more important in the $140 B online ad industry, largely because of mobile and apps, and how the battle is shaping up.

3. Deep Links in mobile apps are getting intelligent. The emergence of deep linking is leading to entirely new opportunities in mobile, and the mobile marketing machine is a key place to explore if you want to understand the implications. It also has serious implications for the hegemonies of Apple’s and Google’s app stores.

4. Facebook Opens Its Mobile Ad “Audience Network” To All Advertisers And Apps. Thus far Facebook’s Audience Network was running closed tests. But starting this week, any advertiser can buy ads on third-party host apps powered by Facebook’s targeting data.

5. After Some Misses, Adobe Says It Has Found its Mobile Mark. Adobe announced a slew of mobile apps and services in addition to existing products. As an example, a new app, Adobe Shape lets you take anything you see in the real world and turn it into lines and vectors for Adobe Illustrator. It also released a new iOS SDK that lets app developers leverage Adobe’s creative tools and technology in their apps.

6. Digital Magazines aren’t working. The iPad was touted to be the savior of the magazine, but things haven’t quite panned out for publishers. Here is some great data and analysis on the state of the magazine industry, and how it should move forward.

7. How has Foursquare’s unbundling strategy worked out so far? Unbundling has been a consistent theme with apps this year, and while every app and every case is different, here’s a deep look at Foursquare: how they planned their unbundling, what worked for them and what didn’t.

8. iOS 8 stagnates according to Apple’s own statistics. iOS8 adoption has been much slower than the previous iOS releases. Will it create fragmentation that has been the bane of Android development? Here’sMixpanel’s report:

9. Android One opens the floodgates for CyanogenMod on inexpensive smartphones. Cyanogen has been quietly becoming one of the fastest growing Android ecosystems. If it isn’t on your radar, start paying closer attention.

10. Some pros and cons of Google’s plan to give every “thing” a URL. Google is creating a new open standard called “Physical Web” where real world objects would have a URL.