Weekly Round Up: 10/05/2014: App Analytics, FB Like, Chrome & Android, Gaming trends

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1. App Of The Week: Talko (iOS only at the moment). More and more new apps starting with with the US markets are going iOS first. The latest from Ray Ozzie (the creator of Lotus Notes), this app is giving a different angle to using our phones for voice communications. Some say Talko will do to voice what Whatsapp did to text messages.


2. 3 Ways Bigger iPhones Will Change App Design. As screens get larger, design changes is not just about the pixels. This articles talks about layout, gestures and placement that needs to be re-thought to accommodate our clumsy thumbs.

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3. Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals. Mastering growth and monetization for your mobile app means mastering analytics so you can know what your users are doing and even thinking from data. This is a free online course from Google.

4. How To Get Your App Noticed. Getting installs for your app is pretty hard, and being able to get as many free installs as you can is extremely important. This article has a few great tips.

5. Mobile Like Button now Available to Everyone. Announced at f8 and released a few days ago, Facebook’s Like button can now be embedded in native apps. This will be a powerful tool for app developers to drive installs and engagement organically. We highly recommend testing this out for your app.


6. Is the App Ecosystem Sustainable? “There is an app for that” has become a truism. Every other person is learning to make apps. The growth and scale of the app ecosystem is taken for granted, and this article questions that. A great article opening up the debate.

7. Google’s two-way app strategy: Android apps on Chrome and new APIs for Chrome apps on Android. How often have you wished your mobile app would work on your desktop? This move from Google uniting the mobile and desktop ecosystems is going to be very important. Find out how about the exact workings.


8. Gaming: The Lingua Franca of Mobile. What makes one gaming title spread like wildfire beyond its country of origin to become an international juggernaut, while another is only a local hit? This super interesting report from Flurry dives into the difference of gaming habits and preferences in different countries.