The First 14 Apps Of The Week

We thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of all the apps that made it to our “App Of The Week” in the newsletter — for our subscribers who may have a missed a few, or for new subscribers. And for you, readers of our blog. (If you are not a subscriber already, go here!)

1. Link Bubble (Android only) If you click on too many links (like when reading through your Twitter feed), this is the best thing you can ever get.


2. Numerous (iOS only) A beautiful app that keeps track of the most important numbers in your life – days until your anniversary, gas mileage, weather, Bitcoin price, surf height, steps walked at Fitbit and what have you – all in one place. After the information deluge, the data deluge is here. We need apps like this. iTunes-only for now.


3. SwiftKey (Android only; launching for iOS8 soon). It replaces your default keyboard with a predictive keyboard that learns from your typing and not only does it correct spelling, but guesses what your next word might be and saves you huge amounts of typing. It has Swype-like functionality too. We know folks who have shifted from iOS to Android for this!


4. Fleksy (Android | iOS) Continuing on the keyboard trend from last week: it’s about time mobile keyboards got smarter. We too dislike those long email signatures making excuses for for “brevity” and “typos” (“laziness”??). Fleksy is awesome in predicting what you are going to type next and has a great UX. It recently won a Guinness World Record! Fleksy is available on iOS too, and as an SDK that you can plug into your app.


5. Osmo Not strictly just an app, but this just blew our minds. A toy for kids that crosses the digital-physical barrier, it has iPad apps and real pieces that reduces pure screen-time for your child, while giving them an engaging and amazingly fun experience. Available for pre-order now. Do check out the video on that site!


6. Sunrise (iOS | Android) Lifehacker’s favorite calendar app, Sunrise, has been around for a while but only on iOS. They released an Android version this week prompting us to write about it (we prefer apps that are on both platforms). It has a great UI and is really easy to use – which is more than what we can say for most calendar apps that take something really simple and make it complicated. Give this one a try.


7. PushBullet (iOS | Android) If you are like us, your phone is always buried somewhere and you miss texts and Whatsapp messages. Or you browse on your phone just before falling asleep, and invariably want to send some webpage to your laptop browser for concentrated reading later. PushBullet shows all your phone’s notifications on your desktop, and lets you send URLs and files between your devices. You can even reply to your SMSes from the desktop. We don’t know how we managed without PushBullet until now!


8. Copy Bubble (Android only, unfortunately) CopyBubble lets you copy text and images as you browse through your phone, and saves them into separate clipboards. You can later choose individual items to paste or share. It is a floating app so you can always directly access it. As multi-tasking on mobile does not come naturally, letting apps float is a powerful UX feature (on Android).


9. Timeful (iOS | Android invite) Why on earth would we ask you to download an app that is invite-only at this time? (The iOS version has launched since then!) Because it is an app that re-invents time management. Because the last time you or I had enough free time was… do you remember? Because the creator of the science of Behavioral Economics, Dan Ariely, is one of founding team. Because we saw a demo and it blew our minds.


10. Circa (iOS | Android) They distill news down into the essence, for quick consumption. Our favourite feature is the ability to “follow” a news story and get updates as the story progresses (for example, the Aereo case in the Supreme Court).


11. Shifu (Android only) They say you never know what a huge difference having a good exec assistant can make to your productivity until you get one. Getting Shifu is like that. Suddenly you will find you are getting more done, living a little bit more.


12. Yo (iOS | Android) Mobile phones have been the single largest disrupter of communication between humans. Smartphones, more so. And the trend continues with Yo. This app that launched 3 months ago has already raised venture capital at a $10 million valuation, and is deemed to be the next “breakout”: think Secret, Snapchat, Instagram… Yo holds a record for user growth (1 million users in 4 days) and here is the full story: How Yo became one of the most viral apps of all time


13. GoTenna Another app in our AotW that has a paired hardware device (is IoT finally happening?). GoTenna makes your smartphone work like a walkie-talkie: communicate with other people with GoTenna even when there is no cellular reception. Aside from the obvious utility, we are beginning to imagine a whole new category of camping games!


14. NPR One (iOS | Android) It plays radio content from NPR that is personalized according to your taste. You can skip programs, rewind, or share. And it does a fabulous job of finding exactly the right stories for you. We love it. You will too.


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