Weekly Round-up: 04/27/2014: iOS vs Android, China Games Market, And More

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1. HTML or Native? iOS first or Android first? The debate rages on, but Startup L Jackson lays out some hard facts as to why you should do an HTML app, and if you really need native functionality, go iOS first. HTML-first

2. Who is using the millions of apps out there? Flurry defines Mobile Addicts as people who open more than 60 apps a day. Read on to understand your most hardcore users. The Rise of the Mobile Addict

3. Jared Sinclair has started a weekly design review of apps. If you’re making apps, follow this closely. We’re sure there will be a lot of great advice and pointers here. Friday App Design Review – eHarmony

4. The number of Android ad impressions surpasses iOS for the first time. What does this mean? Immediately, nothing. iOS is still bigger in revenue. But it is yet another milestone in Android’s unstoppable growth. If you’ve been ignoring Android thus far, take heed. Android finally outshines iOS in mobile ad traffic

5. iOS and Android want to compete on apps in their stores. That can only be good for developers. How are you making the best of this platform war? Apple, Google Vie to Offer Exclusive Game Apps

6. The Chinese mobile games market is exploding, and is very different from the western market. Here is a great in-depth look at it, with some hard numbers. If you’re making games, be sure to read this. China’s mobile gaming market: A quantitative deep dive

7. Don’t bend over backwards trying to get featured in the App Store or the Play Store. Distimo lays it out bare – the benefits depend on many other things, and are only fleeting. Apps featured by Apple or Google get 6 times the downloads and 9 times the revenue — or nothing

8. Clumsy Ninja is on Android. ‘Nuff said! Bronze Award-winning Clumsy Ninja does a flip, slips over, and lands on Android for free

9. App Of The Week: Link Bubble. If you’re on Android, and you click on a lot of links (like when reading through your Twitter feed), this is the best thing you can ever get.