Weekly Round-up: 04/19/2014: Freemium, Effective Design, And Industry Numbers

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Gems for app developers, this week.

1. If you are building a freemium app (or business), read this. Freemium is not the simplest business model to operate, and this is really, really valuable insight. The 3 conditions of a great freemium business

2. Good design may actually be detrimental. The side navigation drawer and hamburger icon have become as common on mobile UI as the “File” menu on desktops. It is very nifty, but here’s proof that it may not be such a good idea after all.Side drawer navigation could be costing you half your user engagement

3. Building great consumer apps is becoming harder and harder. Adam Besvinick of Wanelo has an excellent analysis of the challenges, and how to go about it the right way. The Consumer Internet Feedback Loop

4. Adoption of the latest Android version was even slower that the previous one. This can’t be good news. If there is anything Android developers struggle with, it is fragmentation. iOS adoption gets faster and faster with every release, so this is not good news for Apple’s Android competitors either. Android KitKat uptake slower than Jelly Bean

5. Know your own users before believing industry benchmarks. There is a lot of data out there, and the truth is that in this diverse, fast-changing ecosystem, it is almost impossible to generalize. Be wary of what you believe. A timely warning from Mobile Dev Memo. The pitfalls of industry benchmarks

6. A prototyping tool that lets you convert sketches to prototype apps. At Lattice, we are fans of POP and are excited to see more innovation here, and can’t wait for newer, cooler tools for app developers! Marvel’s iPhone App Turns Sketches Into Tappable Mobile App “Prototypes”

7. Google Play downloads are 45% higher than iOS’. But iOS is still driving 85% more revenue. Most exciting of all: the revenue gap is closing. Some really interesting data, and breakdown by country and categories in this report. App Annie Index – Market Q1 2014

8. Google released an anti-virus equivalent for Android phones. A mobile virus or trojan can potential do much more harm than anything ever seen on the desktop. Kudos to Google for thinking ahead about security. Expanding Google’s security services for Android