Weekly Round-up: 04/04/2014: A New, Curated Newsletter For Building & Monetizing Mobile Apps

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On to the round up!

The best curated list of well-designed apps we’ve seen. It launched recently, and we are blown away by what their selection. Highly recommended, whether you are looking for inspiration from other apps or just love trying out different apps. app.itize.us

This is the game everyone is talking about this week. Monument Valley

The makers of Candy Crush quietly launched their newest game. How many millions a day will this game make? Keyword Vs

The biggest takeaway from this very detailed App Annie report is: figure out your app monetization strategy early, before you start growing. As expected, Freemium is the most effective revenue model and growing faster than the #2, in-app ads. But the effectiveness of every revenue model varies by country, and the effectiveness of different ad formats varies by app. So test, test, test. Early. The Economics of Free: App Annie & IDC Mobile App Advertising and Monetization Trends 2012-2017

All behavior in consumer tech follows a power-law distribution. Great insight from Heap Analytics on why you shouldn’t be measuring averages in your data. Your average revenue per customer is meaningless

Share of the consumer’s time is the most important battle – all else follows that. This report from Flurry says that the average consumer now spends 2 hours and 42 minutes on their mobile device, and 86% of that is inside apps. The web is finally getting displaced. Apps Solidify Leadership Six Years into the Mobile Revolution

If you are interested in the social casino games market, here’s a very interesting report from Distimo. There is so much money in this category, that real world casinos are getting interested. Social Casino Gaming Report Part 1: The Biggest Publishers Globally

The app market has cut-throat competition now, so how do you think about making money from your apps? Lots of great advice and ideas in this post from Developer Economics. A guide to building your app business