Weekly Round-up: 04/11/2014: Pricing, App Ecosystem, Choosing Platforms

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0. [Bonus fun stuff!] If you had to guess a 4-digit PIN, where would you start? If you are a data nerd like us, here’s a fun analysis to answer that + some interesting insights on what influences our choice of PINs. PIN analysis

1. Should your app be freemium or ad-supported? How should you evaluate this? MobileDevMemo has a great model to work this out and make sure you’re not leaving money on the table. Advertising dynamics in freemium apps

2. Go Dish is doing dynamic pricing for restaurants. It is similar to Uber’s surge pricing, but they’re not calling it that. Of course, pricing doesn’t have to be based on demand only; there are many factors you can change pricing by and optimize revenue – Lattice helps apps do this. Mobile App Go Dish Brings Dynamic Pricing To The Restaurant World

3. Dropping the price of your game, and getting featured in the App Store can lift revenue 4 times. This latest report from Distimo doesn’t break out the two factors separately, but price elasticity in the app stores is so high that lowering app prices is almost always beneficial. Games With Price Drops That Are Featured on the Apple App Store…

4. Are apps hurting the ecosystem by eating up the mobile web? Flurry’s report from last week created quite a stir with plenty of debate on whether apps and app stores are hindering innovation because they are not as open as the web. Here is Daring Fireball brilliant take on it. Rethinking What We Mean by ‘Mobile Web’

5. Continuing from the same point on apps vs web, here are some numbers (about the news industry) on how apps are shifting the landscape, but may be a win-win for everyone. How mobile is taking over the web

6. Voice (and audio) technology has finally matured, and is about to explode in a big way. Analyst Benedict Evans of A16Z recently said: “It’s kind of ironic that voice is one of the next big things in mobile.” GigaOm has more. Why voice is the next big internet wave

7. A startup scrapped its Android-first strategy and went back to the drawing board. We don’t think one can make a sweeping generalization here, but here’s why they did it. The Fallacy Of Android-First

8. Native, Web or Hybrid is the first big question that comes up before starting to build any app.  Luke Wroblewski provides some great notes from a talk by Nate Schutta. UXIM: Choosing Which Mobile Experience to Build

9. The next question usually is which app store to build for. Developer Economics breaks it down. iOS is where the money is, but the Amazon App Store is a surprising close contender. Which App Stores Should You Use?

10. Last week we covered the first part of a detailed report on the Social Casino Games category of mobile apps. Here are Part 2 and Part 3.