Mobile-Has-Won-What-Next And Other Things For 2014

We’ve gone through reams and reams of predictions for 2014 to collate the best of them in mobile for you. Here they are:

Mobile has won.

…says Eric Schmidt. But we all knew that, didn’t we? I guess it’s not called until it’s called. ;-) But his bigger message is to look to the next battlegrounds. Check out the rest of his (2 min) interview on Bloomberg TV.

Data and Machine Intelligence is the next biggest disruptor.

That’s in Eric Schmidt’s own words, from the interview above. He goes on to say, “the arrival of big data and machine intelligence.. the ability to find people, to talk specifically to them, to decide what to do with their products changes every business globally”.

Bloomberg TV - Ask a Billionaire - Eric Schmidt - Predictions for 2014

Mobile platforms will be part of nearly every purchase or transaction.

Steve Sinofski says, “Anything requiring reservations, tickets, physical resources, delivery, or scheduling will only win the hearts and minds of the new urban if available via mobile.” He adds that 2014 is the year where if a service does not exist in the mobile world, it will not be picked. More at Sinofski’s blog.

Smartphones, commoditized, and everywhere.

AllThingsD  sat down with Mark Anderson and spoke about how “price will rule consumer electronics”. There will be fewer “headline-grabbing” features and competition on price will intensify. Guess this means a wider playing field for app developers as more people get access to better devices . Full post.

Android revenues will start replacing Search revenues for Google.

This is a big one, but comes from John Battelle who’s been in the predictions business for a decade, and we are inclined to believe him. Google is a giant that has given life sub-ecosystems (think all the SEO & SEM businesses around search), and once it focusses its revenue energy on mobile, there is bound to be many degrees of impact. Read Battelle’s post.

Mobile data.  More mobile data.

The spread of mobile data will be the biggest story in 2014. Almost everyone everywhere now has a smartphone, but mobile data is still pretty expensive. Ubiquitous and cheap access to data is going to change everything all over again. This and more interesting things from a crowdsourced predictions from Chetan Sharma Consulting

Everything is on the table.

1.5 bn PCs have given way to 3 bn smartphones. The internet has gone from shared devices in a home (PCs) to everyone’s pockets, and individually owned. This not counting several hundred million tablets. On the desktop the internet really meant ‘web’. On the mobile that is not so. The web is not the only option, and Google and Facebook are not the only option. Today’s operating environment looks very different – a lot more is up for grabs and and the scale looks very different. More questions than predictions, but extremely relevant and the one I’d like to close with: Benedict Evans’ post.