The First 14 Apps Of The Week

We thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of all the apps that made it to our "App Of The Week" in the newsletter -- for our subscribers who may have a missed a few, or for new subscribers. And for you, readers of our blog.

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Simple Dynamic Pricing for Mobile Games and Apps

There are many tactics mobile games and apps can borrow from retailers and e-commerce stores when it comes to selling In-App Purchases. Dynamic Pricing is one of the most powerful of them. We're going to look at the low-hanging fruit with dynamic pricing that almost every app and game can take advantage of, quickly and effectively.

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Do Not Make Your App Premium. Ever.

Making your apps Paid-Up-Front is a losing strategy for many reasons. But even if you want to charge for most of your app's functionality and content, it is better to make it a single in-app purchase. Read on to find out the Why's and the How's.

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